15 best affiliate programs for beginners 2020

15 Best affiliate programs 2020, Online Earning Program 2020. Hello, New to affiliate marketing? Do you want to make money online from this but have no ideas which are the best affiliate programs to promote? Good! I wrote this entire article with new affiliate marketers in mind. Even if you are making money online from blogs and other sources and are looking to try affiliate marketing, this post can help you a lot.

15 Best affiliate programs 2020

A learner affiliate marketer has to keep a few things in mind that affiliate marketing is a long way, it needs patience and perseverance, don’t imagine you will be rich in just a month. So get ready for a long battle. There will be no check for grease in your mailbox.


Newcomers need to know about the sellers or merchants or advertisers they are promoting, then choose a product wisely and start promoting through a blog. Not except anything for at least the next 6 months. The content of your blog must be powerful, therefore, work on it.

15 best affiliate programs for beginners

Here are over 15 best affiliate programs a novice marketer can start with.

  1. Affiliate Hosting Program

Affiliate program hosting. Some of the popular sites that you can promote are Go Daddy, Blue Host, Dream Host, etc. Hosting is the highest paid affiliate program and over 70% of all hosting is sold only through affiliate links. You can earn $ 100 or even more by selling a single web host.

There are 2 ways you can get started with affiliate hosting. One is to write comments on different hosting sites OR others by creating a coupon site that provides coupons for accommodation only.

Web affiliate marketing

Both ways work best if your domain name contains hosting and other keywords like “review” or “coupon”.

Some of the domain name examples are hosting-coupon today .com, my hosting reviews .com. Try to find something with .com but that is not mandatory. You can search for other options with country code like .in, .co.uk, OR .net, .info, etc. But yes, SEO is necessary.

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  1. Amazon Associates Program

Really cool for new sellers because you’re already familiar with using Amazon.com! One of the affiliate programs is most used by affiliate marketers. Some of the advantages are that it is very easy to use and a wide variety of products that you can choose and promote.


Whatever you want! You can promote Amazon.com, Amazon.in or Amazon in your country. Also, the threshold payment amount is very low and the registration process is also easy. However, the commission rates are quite low and that’s a big drop, but still, you can start with Amazon associates.

Threshold Amount: $ 10

Payment method: paycheck, gift cards

Website: affiliate-program.amazon.comTop Online Earning Site

  1. Coupon Affiliate Programs

This site is the best way to earn money online through affiliate programs. You can create a coupon site similar to the whale coupon where you can post coupons and deals daily. After reading all the details and reviewing reviews of a product, they look for discount coupons or offers to buy that product.


You should do good SEO and some promotions so that you can increase traffic to your website and be able to sell more products. You need an affiliate program with all the major online stores to be able to insert your affiliate links in every offer you post.

Best affiliate programs 2020
15 Best affiliate programs 2020
  1. SEO software and WordPress themes

If you like blogging and making money online, you can start selling dozens of Internet marketing software and WordPress themes. In fact, this should be the first affiliate program for new sellers. Software Affiliate Programs There are a number of popular things that fall into this category and are sold like hotcakes.

what they promote

Some of them are Genesis & Elegant themes, Autoresponder like Aweber, Get Response, backlink analysis software like SEMrush, Ahrefs, many of the popular WordPress plugins, keyword research tools, blackhat SEO software, etc.

Best affiliate programs 2020

  1. Health Products

There is no compromise when it comes to buying some health products as long as it convinces the person who visits your health products page. The healthcare industry affiliated with healthcare products is one of the fastest-growing industries. There is great potential in promoting health products.

affiliate marketig

  1. Rakuten Linkshare

It is one of the best affiliate networks. The best thing about Rakuten Linkshare is its rotating banners, just create a rotating banner and it will rotate all the ad units. Furthermore, the interface is also good and there are many merchants to choose from. Rakuten Linkshare

investment plan

It could take payment in weeks or it can even take 60 days.

Threshold Amount: $ 50

Payment method: only checks without PayPal or direct bank transfer

Website: signup.linkshare.com

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  1. Work/Job sites

Affiliated job sites, whether someone is looking for a first job or wants to change their job, must register with the job sites. There are a number of job portals like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Naukri that offer high commission affiliate programs.


You can promote these sites by creating a job site or a professional blog. In addition to these sites, you can also promote hundreds of other sites related to resume, cover letter, etc.


Best affiliate programs 2020

  1. Wedding.com

For those that want to surf the web and compose relationships, Wedding.com is that the perfect program to market. You’ll write and earn money with it. If someone signs au courant your behalf you’ll earn 75% commission. However, commissions are only available when one subscribes to a marriage.com, not when one signs up.

Payment method: PayPal and PayPal

Website: affiliate.shaadi.com

Best affiliate programs 2020

  1. Digital River or One Network Direct

The quality of its advertisers is de facto excellent. the businesses which will develop are the identical brand and identity. Plus, if you promote a product, the commission rate is up to 60%. Additionally, websites are very easy to use;


it is difficult for brand spanking new affiliate marketers to realize approval. The digital driver isn’t even customer service.

Limit quantity: zero

Payment method: Check and bank transfer

Website: onenetworkdirect.com

Best affiliate programs 2020

  1. Sell Sales

Right now, the network associated with a single cell is very well known. 15 Best affiliate program 2020. This is number one. If you’re a newbie and want to make money online through affiliate programs.

There are many programs to choose from, you can choose a merchant (4000+) that is unique to your blog or website. The reporting function is also excellent.

Related part

But there are too many traders to promote, and you can never know if any of them could close their product and distribute the sale. So be careful with that.

Limit amount: $ 50

Payment method: Paycheck, direct bank transfer, PayPal

Website: https://shareasale.com/

Best affiliate programs 2020

  1. Linked/Affiliate window

With over 1600 merchants to choose from, Affiliate Window is one of 15 Best affiliate programs 2020 in the UK. The threshold is also very low and you are paid in multiple currencies. Affiliate Window


However, the worst part of this network is that it’s not free and you have to pay $ 5 to become a member.

Website: darwin.affiliatewindow.com

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  1. Commissions Junction Program

It is one of the most trusted networks in the world. In fact, I just started my Internet marketing career with the Commissions Junction Program. You can select any program from a list of advertisers from its wide variety. They have excellent reporting features and are paid on a monthly basis.


Commissions Junction Program is really great for new affiliate marketers.

Limit amount: $ 50 for direct deposit and $ 100 for a paycheck

Payment method: Check, PayPal, direct bank transfer

Website: signup.cj.com

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  1. Click Bank

Commission banks, such as Commission Junction, are also one of the oldest affiliated networks one of the 15 Best affiliate programs 2020. I started with Click Bank.  Like the commission rate, it can be up to 75% and there are thousands of products to choose from.

Click bank affiliate program, you are paid weekly or monthly, and the threshold amount is very low. However,

Limit quantity: $ 10

Payment method: Paycheck, PayPal

Website: accounts-klebank.com

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14.iTunes Affiliate Program

There is no question about the huge increase in the sales of Apple products around the world. And there’s no question that people who buy Apple products don’t buy music, apps, books and more.

If you write about different iTunes apps and other products and want to give people the reason to buy the same thing on iTunes, then iTunes Affiliate programs have good commission. You can find more details at Apple.com/itunes / affiliates.

Best affiliate programs 2020

  1. PeerFly Program

Peer Fly is a very complex affiliate network. The commission is low and there are few products to advertise. Further, approval is also very difficult and there are some other nice things that you get monthly, weekly & even daily pay for on all forms of payment.

The network is not much better for new affiliate marketers.

Limit amount: $ 50

Payment method: postal check, PayPal, direct bank transfer

Website: peerfly.com

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15 Best affiliate programs 2020


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