Breaking News Shah Mehmood Qureshi | US Commission confirms Pakistan’s position

Breaking News Shah Mehmood Qureshi, US Commission confirms Pakistan’s position. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the US Commission has confirmed Pakistan’s position; that Muslims are being targeted in India under the guise of Corona.
Reacting to the annual report of the US Commission on Religious Freedom. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that it was being said; in India that Muslims had spread the Coronavirus. India used to accuse Pakistan of targeting minorities today.

Muslims are being targeted in India under the guise of Corona. They are being persecuted in occupied Kashmir then Delhi, and then all over India. Muslims are being discriminated against in the distribution of rations.  Citizens Act brought, bad attitude towards Sikhs and the Christian community in India.

While temples and gurdwaras are being protected in Pakistan. People are comparing Pakistan and India. The social media cell of the BJP government is saying that Korona is jihad.
He said that he had written a letter to all the foreign ministers of Muslim countries while talking to the close foreign ministers himself and asked them to raise their voice on it.

A large section in India is against Modi’s thinking, a large section in India is secular. Yes, people are afraid to raise their voice in India, the educated class of India should raise their voice, Muslims and other minorities in India are in the millions, Pakistan is raising its voice about Indian minorities and will continue to do so, Pakistan’s The narrative is getting stronger.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi further said that we have exposed India, today the impression has emerged in the Gulf that if you hate Muslims then go back to your countries, how long will Muslims be oppressed while watching the big market, there was a time when India Used to give the example of media freedom but today Indian media is promoting Hindutva.
He said that the situation today demanded that the international community take notice of the Indian attitude, adding that the internet was still blocked in occupied Kashmir and people were not being given access.
It is to be noted that the US Commission on Religious Freedom released its annual report yesterday, according to which India was declared a dangerous country for minorities for the first time.

He also criticized the decision of the Supreme Court. According to a statement issued by the US Commission on India, in the 2019 report, India fell sharply on the map of religious freedom, attacks on minorities in India increased in 2019, and strongly criticized the US Commission for revoking the special status of Occupied Kashmir.

The report acknowledged several positive developments in Pakistan, including the Pakistani government’s efforts to open the Kartarpur corridor, establish the first Sikh university in Pakistan, reopen the Hindu temple, and acquit Asiya Bibi.



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