Coronavirus|Doctors demanded from the government to tighten the lockdown for the survival of the country


Coronavirus Doctors demanded from the government to tighten the lockdown for the survival of the country. Doctors of Pimza Hospital have said in a press conference that the country’s survival is in a severe lockdown. Implementation of smart lockdown in Pakistan is not possible.
Addressing a press conference at PIMS Hospital Islamabad, the doctors said that the increase of more than 3,000 cases in the last five days was worrying. Dr. Iftikhar Burney says that it is a misunderstanding that the severity of Corona is less in Pakistan, the situation in Pakistan is better than other countries. Corona’s situation has changed dramatically, Corona’s graph still seems to be going up.

The only solution to deal with this situation is a precaution. Dr. Iftikhar said that a large number of people have been infected with a corona in a week, the medical staff is being diagnosed with corona. More than 200 medical staff are suffering from the corona. Hospitals are running out of space for patients.

People should offer prayers and Taraweeh at home. There is a risk of spreading coronavirus from mosques. Dr Iftikhar said that it was not possible to follow precautionary measures in congregations in mosques.
Doctors and medical staff have also been severely affected by the coronavirus. ENT Professor Dr. Javed Hayat passed away in Peshawar today. Earlier also three doctors lost their lives due to corona. The number of doctors and medical staff affected by Corona has also increased. Three at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, seven more members of the medical staff and three patients at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology in Lahore succumbed to their injuries.

After confirmation of coronavirus in a doctor at PIC, 122 people were tested, out of which 7 members and 3 patients tested positive for corona. According to the hospital management, doctors and medical staff in isolation wards are facing many difficulties.
Multan’s Nishtar Hospital became Corona Kagarh. Due to unavailability of facilities, Corona began to spread rapidly among doctors. Twenty-seven doctors and 12 paramedics at Nishtar Hospital have been killed.

According to the PMA, more than 300 members of the medical staff at Nishtar Hospital Multan have undergone coronary tests. Meanwhile, 14 doctors of Nishtar Hospital are undergoing treatment at Tayyip Erdogan Hospital, Muzaffargarh. According to the PMA, the condition of doctors at Tayyip Erdogan Hospital is improving.
The number of corona patients in the country has risen to 11,940 after 785 new cases of the deadly coronavirus were reported, while the death toll has risen to 253 after 16 more deaths. In Pakistan, although a partial lockdown has been imposed across the country till May 9 to prevent the spread of corona, cases of corona are still emerging in the country.


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