Pakistan Army announces not to take internal security allowance on Corona’s duty

Pakistan Army announces not to take an internal security allowance on Corona’s duty. RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Army has announced not to take an internal security allowance on Corona duty, the amount of allowance will be used in Corona Relief Fund.
Giving a press briefing in Rawalpindi, Babar Iftikhar, Director General (DG), ISPR, Public Relations Department, Pakistan Army, said that a PSOs conference was held at GHQ today under the chairmanship of Army Chief. The conference reviewed in detail the deployments and measures taken in this regard, while future strategies and measures to deal with all kinds of emergencies were also discussed at the conference.
The DG ISPR, first of all, congratulated the people on the arrival of Ramadan and said that Ramadan is a month of blessings, blessings, and forgiveness from Allah Almighty, this month we have patience, gratitude, endurance and within the prescribed limits. He said that through this blessed month, may Allah Almighty save Pakistan and the whole world from this epidemic of Corona.
He said that the purpose of today’s briefing was to get acquainted with the points of the Special PSO Conference chaired by the Army Chief, some facts in the context of increasing Indian aggression on the Line of Control and false propaganda and the spread of Coronavirus so far.

The DG ISPR said that the Army Chief directed to use all resources with the civil institutions in Ramadan. He prayed that with the blessings of Ramadan, Pakistan and the world would be blessed. Get rid of
The DG ISPR said that Indian provocations on the Line of Control (LoC) have increased significantly in the recent past. So far this year, India has violated the ceasefire agreement 850 times and deliberately violated the LoC.

He said that the recent statements of the Indian military leadership show frustration over the internal failures, adding that the Pakistan Army had taken stern notice of the provocative statements of the Indian military leadership.
A spokesman for the Pakistan Army said that since the first case of coronavirus was diagnosed in Pakistan on February 26, India had violated the ceasefire agreement 456 times, killing one infant and injuring 31 others, including seven. Including women and 8 children.
The DG ISPR said that the number of Corona cases is less than our expectations, the number of cases may increase in the next two weeks, there is a danger, we need to be careful, all medical facilities at the national level are also increasing. All the resources of the Pakistan Army are being used to deal with the epidemic. The affected areas have to be locked down to prevent the spread of Corona.
Major General Babar Iftikhar said that 3.5 million ration bags have been delivered by the Pakistan Army to different parts of Pakistan. The Pakistan Army has also decided not to take any allowance which will go to the aid, quarantine, and isolation in the border areas. The facility has been provided.


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