Sports News Omar Akmal case will be heard tomorrow

Sports News Omar Akmal case will be heard tomorrow. Pakistan Cricket Board’s disciplinary panel will hear the case of batsman Omar Akmal tomorrow.
According to details, Umar Akmal’s case will be heard at the National Cricket Academy. Disciplinary panel chairman Justice (retd) Fazal Miran Chauhan, a former judge of the Lahore High Court, has sent notices to both the parties.

while Umar Akmal’s case will be decided in one to two hearings. The case was referred to the disciplinary panel for not hearing the case of Pakistan Cricket Board’s anti-corruption tribunal. It may be recalled that a notice of charge was issued to Umar Akmal for violating Article 2.4.4 of the Anti-Corruption Code twice.

This article is not to inform the PCB Vigilance and Security Department (without any unnecessary delay) about any person’s offer of corruption.Sportman Omar Akmal is accused of making an offer of fixing and contacts. I did not inform in time.
It may be recalled that Umar Akmal was temporarily suspended on February 20, 2020. Omar Kamal was suspended under the Anti-Corruption Code. And will not be able to participate in any cricket until the inquiry is completed.


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